Everyone likes to listen to a good story.

Content that is told through entertaining stories is well received by the user and remains in his memory.

Storytelling means in German tell stories and everybody likes good stories! When content is packaged into stories, it is given context and is easier for the viewer to understand. In addition, the right structure and dramaturgy can help to communicate content in an entertaining and relaxed way. This leads to a better understanding and creates emotions. Users can identify with the characters. In this way, they immediately get a bond to the product or service and are entertained at the same time. Storytelling works in many areas and can be used in a targeted manner, as well as increasing the bond to you and your product. 

However, storytelling cannot only be applied in marketing or advertising. Storytelling can also be used, for example, in e-learning or internal communication. It works especially well for educational videos for younger audiences. But it also finds its place in adult education. Everyone likes good stories! By conveying information in story form you learn without noticing 😉 You are planning to have a video produced and believe that a story will convey your content well? Then contact me I will gladly advise you on the various application possibilities.


I will be happy to advise you and we will find the right way to communicate your content in a focused and efficient way. No matter if it is an explanatory film, image film or product video.

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